Silverback Cadillac 4-82

Does anyone know if silverback’s Cadillac 4-82 1H in blk4 sec82 was ever drilled?

Not drilled yet. That amended permit was filed 1/10/17 but is still pending RRC approval of a Rule 37 exception.

Ten days ago I checked with the Hearing Section on the status and Permits responded that they'd made a mistake on the original service notices. They reissued them on Sept. 21st and said if no protests are filed within the required 21 days the permit will be approved on October 12th.

Question I'd appreciate if someone can answer is why Centennial let this sit for 9 months. This was the last permit Silverback filed before Centennial took over and from their last earnings report it sounds like CDEV now prefers locations where the laterals can extend across two sections. That won't work on Sec. 82, but with proven production on all sides it seems like it should get drilled.

After 11 months RRC finally approved the permit for the Cadillac 4-82. There were no objections to the Rule 37 exception once the problem with the notification letters was corrected but Centennial then took a while on resubmitting the permit application in their name instead of Silverback's.

Since that half section unit doesn't allow the kind of long lateral Centennial prefers there still could be a question whether it gets drilled or if it does whether the results will justify drilling one in the top half of 82.