Silver Creek

I'm new to this forum. I have just recently signed a lease with Silver Creek on SE/4 of the NW/4 & the NE/4 of the SW/4 of section 23 township 7N range. Is any drilling going on near this property, not familiar with the area I'm out of state.I do remember the property from my cousin but not exactly. I would appreciate any info. Thanks Michelle

Mary, the reason no one is responding is the incomplete legal. Missing is your range. Include it and I'll bet someone will share info. There are many good members here.

Additionally, your inquiry has prompted me to put together a few ideas which may be helpful. I will be posting as a separate topic in just a few minutes.

Wesly I learn something everytime I go on this forum. I was mistaken I hadn't put the range. My mineral rights are se/4 of the nw/4 & the ne/4 of the sw/4 of section 23 township 7n range 8e containing 80 acres. Thanks again for your reply.

The drilling activity in your areas is taking place in sections 17, 20 and 21.

Thank you for the information.

Does anyone have any idea if they are talking about drilling in section 23?

I am not sure about section 23. I did just receive a lease offer for section 22-07N-08E.

Thanks I did get and accepted a lease on my mineral rights. What did they offer you?

Mike Storck said:

I am not sure about section 23. I did just receive a lease offer for section 22-07N-08E.

Silver Creek seems to have problems. Just received Unclaimed Property from the State Treasurer. Silver Creek was holding money as unclaimed where we had an existing lease in effect. They are apparently either incompetent or, maybe, worse. They did not submit the revenue calculated per our recorded lease. They are having a hard time understanding the difference between gross and net. They are the resurrection of Cornerstone E &P which went bankrupt in 2010. Watch out.