Signing bonuses

What are the signing bonuses going for in Midland around Sec 44 Blk 38. Is 1/5 royalty good or should I get 1/4?

Appreciate any info.

There are two Block 38 in Midland County. Block 38 T1S and Block 38 T4S. Both are phenomenal areas to own minerals, and lease prices have skyrocketed over the past year. You should be able to get a signing bonus of $10k+/ac and a 25% royalty. Be prepared to be inundated with private messages on this forum from people wanting to lease your minerals. I'd suggest you "shop" the acreage around a bit to find competing lease offers. There are attorneys and consultants in the marketplace of this forum that could probably assist you.


I am actively leasing in this area and would be happy to provide you with a sense of the current market and answer any questions you may have about the area and what you can expect re: lease terms. Please feel free to send me a private message on here and I will follow up with you.

Thank you,

Ben Samuels

Zahav Land Group