Signing bonus withdrawal

Last week, my siblings and I received paperwork giving us the option for signing bonus amounts for a well to be drilled for Section 2-T7N-R8W and Section 35-T8N-R8W by Rebellion Energy. We all signed them and sent them back. Today we received calls from a Rebellion rep who said that it was all a mistake since they discovered Limerock Resources, who still has the rights to an existing well that is still active on the same property from which we are still receiving royalty payments prevents them from having to pay us bonus amounts upfront.

Their proposed well is obviously much deeper than the existing one. Is it possible that they did not have prior knowledge of Limerock's existing involvement or do we have any recourse in this matter?

Does the original lease that the Limerock Resources well was drilled on have a depth clause?

As long as they did not file those leases you recently signed with Rebellion Energy, you will be fine.