Signing Bonus Website

Question, a few years back someone mentioned on here a web page that showed the recent signing bonuses in an area, No names, just numbers. I thought I saved it but now cannot find it again. Does this even exist or am I remembering incorrectly?

I remember something like that, but was it a subscription service?

oil scout? ? ?

There is one subscription service of doubtful accuracy. I cannot remember the name, but it is a paper publication out of Colorado, and publishes "average" lease rates in a county. I think their source is landmen.

The ones listed below do not publish actual bonus rates paid, that I know of. is a for sale website. They may offer actual lease bonus data on a case by case basis for a fee, but not aware that there is a published map type source, even by subscription.

You can get actual lease auction results on Texas state owned minerals at the GLO website. In the western Permian, this can be pretty valuable.

I actually have gotten bids on creating a website that does exactly this. It would also publish, in a map format, actual results for rates paid on easements. It is idling for lack of time to devote to getting it off the ground.