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I really think I should have gotten some kind of correspondence after a year & 2 months after signing lease. But nothing & I am having issues getting a hold of the people I had originally been talking with when lease was being considered & then finally signed. I recently needed to change my mailing address & got passed around or rather to get a hold of a whole other department & the person told me to give them a certain lease number for my account. The odd thing is that lease number is not the same or even close to being the same as was on the Lease that was submitted & stamped by the coordinator that I got a copy back of with the court stamps & dates etc as to when they recorded it in the books. That was a flag to me that I had a lease # on paper that I got a copy of showing irt was logged in etc. then was given an entirely different lease #. I called the number I was given to talk to someone to give my change of mailing address. Got voicemail each time. So I left a message with my info MY NAME & the old mailing ADDRESS I also gave them both the lease numbers, the one on the document that was entered & the one another person at CNX told me to tell them & gave them my phone number to call me back. I did this more than once & have never heard back. from the info i have gathered over the years I think I should have some money sitting somewhere unless my sis figured out how to get it. plus Richhill has been producing very well for awhile so I feel like I should already of gotten some royalties. I am in there in the same place as my sis & she has been collecting since 2014. i would not sell her my share & she told me she would see that I never get a dime from it. this was inherited from my mom who lived in texas & her will was probated in fort worth, tarrant county tx but did not notice these assets in the will or inventory but felt certain my sister knew but did not add it. mom died in 2002. i didn’t hear anything about these assets until 2014 which are in Richhill Township, Greene County, PA and I have learned quite a bit more than my sis thought I would be she figured I dont have the money to get an attorney but I have tried even wanted to file some papers with probate myself to have my sister ordered to give all the info but they would not let me approach the probate court except through an attorney. lrgal aid wouldnt even help i even tried going through legal aid around greene county but they could not help me. i even calle some attorneys here in tx & Pa & asked could I pay them out. i told them I could start sending them money & when it finally added up to what they wanted to check on this stuff would be better than not having a plan of action. they would even do that. so I just dont know what to do next. i am 65 disabled & covid really messed up any funds i might have had then having to move out of nowhere without any prior notifications & no where to go. I ended up going through my bonus money & ran all my credit up to the max paying for a motel for over 3 months at $425.95. Then got to move in with someone else & pay them rent & after 3 months they did the same thing to me that was done before I went to stay at motel. finally have found a boarding house I can afford but would like to get back to paying on my credit cards etc that I haven’t been able to pay on in 3 months now. I have some of my obligations being paid on without missing a payment but really would like to get what belongs to me to clear this stuff up as fast as possible. october I am going to divide up what I have after paying the stuff i haven’t missed payments on like my life insurance & rent here at boarding house & i will be sending my other creditors maybe $5 or so each month to atleast send them something & i am sending all that is left to them. please does anyone have any good advice for someone who has gotten cheated by several people & the worst is by my own sister still not giving me any info after all these years. she has money she is a retired banker & her last husband died & left her property money etc when he died. that was her 5th husband I think & they werent quite married a year before he died. mtsh57

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wont be leaving any money for me cause it needs to go on the bills *

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If you signed a lease and received a bonus, that is a good start. Not all leases end up with a producing well which gives royalties. If you give the location, someone may be able to tell you if a well exists and who the operator is. The lease has a certain time frame. Some are three years, some are five or other amounts. They are not required to drill a well (unless the lease says so), just that they “can” drill. Covid slowed quite a bit of activity down, so some areas are just now starting to get active again.

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