Signed lease never used

Hello i have a copy of a lease that was filled in and sent in to camino

But lejones had sec26-35 T1/s r4/w the title showed they owned it they sold it to there self and back again then to camino after we already filed a lease with 89 energy and conveence$11,500.00 oh Camino showed giving$ 10 Mr Barns if i send you the stuff i have found they have been doing on documents will you please go over this or i can send you the book numbers and pages thanks

Loo part 2 91794443.pdf (106.7 KB) 91794457.pdf (39.3 KB) 91794471.pdf (74.7 KB) 91794471.pdf (74.7 KB) 91794523.pdf (98.9 KB) This is just a few i have gone back and thru since the tarrent and oxxford stsrted with jones whyshould le jones be getting 10% of our minerals sorry this is not adding up they get more from it than my family has

You would need to get a landman (cheaper) or an attorney (more expensive) to track the whole history of the title chain to get the complete picture.