Sierra well in Garvin Co

Tried to type a reply to our old thread and the forum wouldn’t let me post because they said I am “a new user” and am limited to only 4 replies. lol So started a new topic…here goes…Received a card the other day saying we are part of a class action law suit against Casillas because they may owe us back interest which has not been paid. Yep, they do and I’m glad someone got that class action together because they have ignored every registered letter I sent them. Also want to add "Hey Hutch, how you liking the oil and gas prices now? Better huh? lol Heard you guys are getting two more Poteet wells down there in Stephens Co.! Congratulations!

Hey Linda…good 2 C U back on here. Hope all is well. Clint

Linda- I get that same message about a new user. LOL

Anyway, I have always had Casillas pay me the interest owed but guess I got lucky.

Thanks Clint! Good to be back! This forum is just harder for me to navigate than the old one. We’re doing fine. Got vaccinated but still staying around home as much as possible. Many friends have gotten really sick with Covid. Both our boys have had it and we’ve had 3 good friends to die from it so still not getting out much. We’ve driven around looking at the diggins around here but drilling is way down. There have been 3 or 4 drilling rigs along highway 19 close to Alex, Ok. and like I told Hutch the two Poteet wells are suppose to be going in soon. Stay safe and healthy! Linda

Just opened this topic and it says at the bottom that this topic will close in 3 months. No wonder we have a hard time keeping up with people and their wells. Hope you are staying healthy and safe these days!

Don’t seem right without U and Hutch goin at one another…I miss the good ole days, U reporting on the diggins around your area…hahahahaha…how"s that back doing since your surgery?..take care. Clint

Linda, on a personal note I am sorry to hear that you have lost friends in this pandemic. Also it is good to hear you are taking care of yourself. I got my booster last week. I also received the post card about Casillas not paying interest due the royalty interest owners by the black letter of the law. A case was decided in a federal court IIRC just within the last two years forcing a producer to pay the interest due. I read about it here on this forum and remember commenting that hopefully the other companies would see the writing on the wall and follow the law but Casillas clearly has not as they still owe me. Maybe we will get some punitive damages.

LOL on punitive damages. Have you sent a certified letter asking for interest?

No I did not send them a certified letter. I requested the interest by email and probably in a phone call or message. I don’t understand why I should jump through special hoops to get the producer to pay me what the law requires them to pay. I made the comment on damages because the proposed settlement of $2.7 mm after requested legal fees and other costs leaves $1.23 mm to be distributed.

I have sent at least 2 or I believe 3 certified letters to the two locations of Casillas and received a card back with their signature but no reply to any of them. I believe they have changed hands and now have another name but I don’t know that name or address to send any other letters but with the class action lawsuit maybe we won’t need to. Hope things are well with you also!

Mr. Foley, I don’t mean to be flippant but when you don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign, like law says, do you head to the court clerk to pay a fine? The sums you mentioned are a settlement between Cadillac & the class. If it were me, I would send a certified letter requesting the statutory interest.

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