Sibling Rivalry

My mother owns the mineral rights and at one time, the land of the lease. My parents split-up the land between her 4 children many years ago. In 2001, she kept the mineral rights and shared the division the proceeds among her 4 children and herself. We each get 1/5th of the check each month that they pay us.

In 1999 one of my siblings procured a contract, through lawyers, with the oil/gas contractor to get free gas to his dwelling. Since that time, said sibling hooked up the gas line to their $10's of thousands of dollar dog kennels to be used for free, also.

A short time later, they put a large mobile home onto the property and hooked in gas for their daughter. It happened a couple of years later with another daughter (free gas).

Earlier this year, my sibling sold her complete dwelling to her oldest daughter and left the gas hooked up to all existing dwellings.

My question is: Is it legal to connect the free gas to other dwellings from one tap without the explicit written permission from the mineral rights owner, our mother? We may own the land, but we do not own the sole rights to the gas.

This Sibling worked out 3 taps to be used. 2 taps for her family and 3rd tap to whomever. Our original agreement was for Mother and my generation to get all of this. When each of us dies, our kids get our share, but not before. Thank you in advance!!!


First, I would review the wording in the original contract and determine if this document allowed for the multiple connections. You might want to seek the advice of an attorney in order to interpret the wording in the document. If the document fails to address this matter, you might have difficulty changing the existing situation.

Thank you for your advice. I did look at the paperwork and it specifically states one dwelling per tap.