Shut In Producer questions

We have mineral rights in 2 Conoco Phillips wells. Both producing oil and gas which we have received royalty checks for the past 3 months. But I cannot find completion reports or production reports for either of them. I did find GAS well info but they were both shown as shut in producers. I haven’t found anything for the oil wells. We are very new to this! Just learned we had these mineral rights a year ago! Any information is greatly appreciated since we have a lot to learn!

Production information is probably still under the permit number. Can you get us the State, County, Well names and numbers and anything else that has been provided on your division orders and check stubs?

Hi Brian The wells are in Culberson Co., TX The names are Bronco WC and Bronco WC 02H. There is also #A74980700001and A74980700002.

I have one permit #779536.

Thanks, Brian for helping us.


Just search your permit number and the completion will show up. It is showing shut-in. Maybe waiting to run some pipe or bring in some tanks. If you give Conoco a call or send them an email, they will generally respond in a few days.

The link below has Conoco's owner relations email and phone contacts.

Thank you so much! I will do that!


This is what I found on the Producers Query associated with the RRC Public GIS Viewer for Bronco 402H:

Clint Liles

Thanks Clint! So why are we getting royalty checks if these are not reporting any production? Our stubs show oil and gas production for both wells.

I think I would be contacting Railroad Commission Monday morning for an answer at Production Reports.

Clint Liles

Some companies are slow to post RRC volumes for new wells, whether under pending with permit number or under the monthly wells under the operator number. Generally, you can find this information on the Texas Comptroller's CONG website because they have to report and pay severance taxes whether or not they have filed a completion report or been assigned an RRC lease id number. The website is at

Once you enter, ignore any log in. On left side, select the Lease Drop-Crude Oil. If an RRC lease number is assigned, you enter that as 6 digits (add a zero at start of 5 digit oil lease number). In your case, use the drilling permit number, the range of dates (I entered 1501 start and 1505 end) and Culberson County. It is important to enter the county because sometimes the same permit or RRC lease number is used in different RRC districts. The same process is also used in Lease Drop-Natural Gas. Here it looks like the wells started producing (or at least being reported to Comptroller) in March 2015.

OIL - For Permit 779530 (Bronco 401H - API 42-109-32655), search will get you March with 988 bbl at $40,344.41 sales and April with 522 bbl at $24,534.37 sales. For Permit 779536 (Bronco 402H - API 42-109-32656), search reports March with 12,540 bbl at $512,050.05 sales and April with 7,066 bbl at $332,019.11 sales. Looks like Navajo Refining is transporting the oil.

GAS - For Permit 779530, search reports March with 20,538 mcf at $54,425.21sales & products at 24,411 gallons at $4,219.66 sales and April with 50,420 mcf at $108,360.59 sales & 57,626 gal at $27,721.78 sales. For Permit 779536, search reports March with 10,041 mcf at $26,609.53 sales & products at 11,778 gal at $2,063.07 sales and April with 23,302 mcf at $50,080.23 sales & products of 26,280 gal at $12,811.97 sales.

GAS NOTE - Some companies, like Conoco, separately report gas as RS (residue gas meaning the mcf at the tailgate of the plant after processing) and liquid products as PR (liquid products in gallons - which are processed out of wet gas and sold separately - these liquids are generally combination of ethane, propane, butane, iso-butane and gasoline). Other companies report gas and products as a combined total and usually use the gas volume that enters the pipeline from the well (ie total gas production less flare, vent and lease use volumes).

These figures should match your check stub. Be aware that if an operator changes its report on the TX Comptroller site, you will only get the most recent report. You might want to pull these records on a regular basis (at least annually) to check against your check stub data. Also as double-check against the RRC data. Depending on the lease / unit lines, your wells may end up with one or two RRC lease numbers.

Thank you so much! Great information! My check stubs reflect these numbers. What does shut in producer mean? They seem to be selling the products they are producing.