Should royalty statement gas quantities match OCC reporting?

I inherited a small fraction of mineral interests in 3 wells in Pittsburg County, OK. (Sec 31, T 7 N, R 15 E NE/4 NE/4 NW/4) Recently, I reviewed the summary statements for one of the years I’ve been getting payments and compared the quantities reported to the OK Corp Comm to what they reported on my statements. By and large the reports were significantly different, and almost never in my favor. There are usually no specific deductions mentioned on the statements except for severance taxes. My lease specifies that “Lessor shall not be responsible for any post-production expenses from the sale or marketing of any oil or gas, including, but not limited to, transportation charges, compression costs and/or marketing fees.”

Am I correct in expecting that my payments should be based on the same quantities of gas reported to the OCC?

The quantities of gas are almost never the same as what is reported on the OCC, just somewhat close. You will often see corrections on the OCC site. What is sold is not usually the same as what is posted at the wellhead.

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