Should i sign

A landman wants me to sign something saying I know my uncle has the mineral rights on my 10 ac it is in the land contract so why should I have to sign anything.he signed a bad contract just for the bonus money don,t think he will live long enuff to see royality. don't know if he is trying to pull a slick one over on me ?

No, you need to find a better comfort level. Talk to the landman and your uncle again and try to get the information that you are seeking here. After doing that, if you still don't feel any more assured, don't sign it. You sound too shaky to sign anything at present.

Thanks Dave he was just here I did not sign . +-*

Thanks Dave. Rep. just left. didn't sign paper. Here are e few highlights from form.

Here now therefore, in consideration of $1 dollar and other goods and valuable consideration which is hereby acknowledged and confessed, the undersigned does hereby ratify and confirm said lease, in all its terms and provisions, and does hereby lease, grant, demise, and let said land and premises unto lessee, subject to and in accordance with all of the terms and provisions of said lease.

The parties hereby agree to the terms set forth in land contract recorded in OR 129/419 as it pertains to oil and gas reservation and durations of ownership. The parties also agree that the terms of the land contract will have preference over any and all ambiguities as set forth in warranty deed recorded in OR190/835.

And the undersigned does hereby agree and declare that said lease and all of its terms and provisions are binding on the undersigned and is a valid and subsisting oil and gas leases.

Thank Dave. Edgmarc rep. brought paper to sign. did not sign it. H are soere

This is a lease ratification. Cannot answer your question without more info, starting with the state.

Ohio Monroe co perry twp MY AUNT SAID THEY MIGHT NOT GIT PAID IF I DONT SIGN. like I said it was a bad contract. they only own half of min some one kept half back in 1932 so I think the other half will go back to land that I have the way I read it if I sign it they can do what ever they want.