Should I sell?

Just looking for advice...many years ago I inherited 2.5 net mineral acres in the North Half of section 23, block 34, T-1-N, T & P Railway Co. Survey Howard County. I have had many offers throughout the years, but I never considered selling. Some years the royalties were frequent but it has dwindled over the last few years. I just learned that distant relatives of mine recently sold their mineral was all part of a 20 acre tract that was owned by my Great Uncle. Hudson Energy Corporation from Kentucky is more aggressively pursuing the purchase.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tracy - There are many permitted and a couple of producing horizontal wells on that acreage. Depending on the dollar amount of the offers, you might want to hold on.

Thank you for responding. What do you think is a good dollar amount per acre?

If you do, make sure its with a reasonable company. I have worked with some bad and some good. I got a great offer from a company called KCW Properties. So far been great to work with. Let me know if you want contact info. Or I believe they have a website too.

Thanks for the information. I was looking for the KCW Properties website, but wan't able to find it. Would you mind sharing. Thanks!