Should I lease or sell my mineral rights in this area?

Hi, I want to know about the oil and gas production in Moffat County Colorado. I have a few net acres for possible drilling, what I want to know is how much an acre is worth in that area And is it worth it to sell or to lease. I appreciate any feedback, thank you and good night

rangerpainter…as to my holdings in Moffat County, I make little money from the wells I have and have to pay taxes to the state on the money that is paid to me plus I have to wait for the manager of the wells to get a document to me that comes very late in the tax season.

I do not know if your property has any value to it at all so I cannot comment on that.


Hi Darren,

We also have minerals in Moffat County Colorado and I see it as a long term deal. The Niobrara shale appears to be similar to more of a conventional play in most of Moffat and Routt counties (very fractured, not uniform) and there are certain areas that are very good and others that aren’t so good. Because of this, activity seems to be sporadic and driven by smaller operators. I do know that the going rate for leasing back in 2011 when things seemed to be more active was around 175/NMA for 1/6th royalty and a 5 year term. I'm not sure what the going rate is today but maybe someone else with a more recent offer can share the terms. In terms of a valuation for selling, it really depends on where you are and if there is any nearby activity. If there are permitted wells to where there might be a payback in the near term (next few years) then your minerals will demand a higher price than if there isn't anything going on nearby. In the end, if you don't need the now, it might be better to hold on to see if any other formations are prospective for oil & gas as that could change the landscape.
Good Luck! Matt Sands

Hi My name is Lars-Eric and Iive in Falkenberg on the West Coast of Sweden. Me and my relatives inherited some small parts of mineral rights from an aunt Amalia in Moffat County near Denver if I am right. We has signed leases a few times, the last with a Company called SWEPI LP 2012, an underlying Company to SHELL. Since then we have not heard anything from anyone about nothing. Do you, or some else know if there is something going on in Moffat county, or do you know any one that have any information. , I am not used to write in English but I do my very best. Lars-Eric Bengtsson

Hello, Mr. Bengtsson…I started the Moffat group some years ago. You can see on this page the interest in the area (which is almost nil).

Please read my previous entry from February of 2019 so you can see the interest for yourself.

One thing you should be aware of is that US law says that foreign citizens may not own mineral rights in the United States. I have made many inquiries about this since my wife is Russian and they cannot be passed on to her.

BTW, we live in Italy.

As Mr. Sands says, I guess if was me, I would hold on to the rights unless you really need the money that you would get selling them. You never know what could happen.

Hi we inherited our rights from an aunt many years ago and so far nobody has said anything about own rights in USA. Me and a few of my relatives has as you say hold on to them. We use to say that its some kind of lotteri ticket. When we first heard about the rights many years ago everyone said, YES! what a thing to have, but so far it has not become a success. As you say, you never know. I shall read your entry from 2019Lars-Eric