Should I counter my helium lease offer?

I have a lease offer for helium in Las Animas County Colorado. They are offering the very basic $5.00 bonus per mineral acre, 12.50% royalty, with a five year primary term. (1/8th the market value of the gas sold or used.). How do I know whether or not I should counter offer and what would be a reasonable counter offer?

Helium leases are not as common. I would suggest getting an attorney to look at the lease. The clauses are more important than the bonus amount.

Thank you for your help!

In most of my leasing, I have found that the initial offers are not the final offer… The clauses of the lease are usually MUCH more important than the bonus. Best to get legal help to get a lease that is beneficial to you.

Hello. Is this for CO2 as well? My family has some minerals in New Mexico that we leased for Co2 and Helium. Who is making the offer?

Contex Every Company LLC on behalf of Blue Star Helium.

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