Should I be REALLY excited, or just excited?

I have some property in Ward County, TX that has some new wells on it. I recently signed the division orders but have not, as yet, received any checks. It looks to me like there is production - I am just not sure how to tell how much.

The pdq on the rrc website lists production during the months of, roughly, April thru November with a totals of, what I think, is 100K+ barrels during that time frame. However, if I do a search for the lease on the comptrollers CONG there is only a couple of entries, for what I think is Nov and Dec, that total 29K+.

Who should I believe?

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If you identify the wells, then you are more likely to get a response.

OK. Sure. Look at any of the wells in Block 34 Section 63 in Ward County.