Short Introduction

I wanted to take a second for anyone interested to introduce myself. My resume is attached, but I am an attorney with an Office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our office represents both industry and land owners primarily in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming- where I am licensed to practice law. We have represented clients in a wide variety of matters: Oil and Gas Leases, Surface Use Agreements, Title Work, Condemnation for Pipelines and Access, etc. If there is anything my office can ever do, just let me know.

In addition, if you go to our website at I have posted papers that I have presented over the years that address a host of Oil and Gas issues. To the extent they are helpful, you can review those materials.



3063-RAC.RESUME.pdf (37.6 KB)

Hi Ralph, Glad to see you here. Welcome. We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of mineral owners who will enjoy your input. (It’s hot down here in Texas… glad to see more and more Colorado folks joining in).