Shiner well?

Saw an article in the Shiner Gazette last week stating Delago and Boom Town Oil are planning to drill near Methodist Church in Shiner. Anyone have any info on this or tips on how to find more info? Thx.

One can do a Texas RRC Drilling Permit query by county and operator.

Also see the RRC's Map Viewer.

thx. tried that; no hits

A search of Lavaca county on seems to indicate Delago leased 0.17 acres [a town lot?] from


and recorded the instrument on 09/08/2017.

If you own town lots and are approached about leasing you might want to ask if "streets" and "easements" have been included in the calculation of your net mineral acreage as your mineral ownership may extend beyond your property line, i.e., to the middle of the street. You can verify by calling the tax assessor's office and querying about the size of your lot. If the oil company is saying your net mineral position is the same as your lot size, streets and easements may not have been included in the calculation. Just my two cents. Do your own due diligence, as well.

yes, as i understand it this unit will be under the city of Shiner. and i believe the church mentioned in the article is the United Meth. Church of Shiner, not Johnson Chapel.

There are producing wells within a few hundred feet of Methodist churches on Church and Welhausen streets. The operator is Penn Virginia Oil and Gas. Perhaps the oil company you have heard about is quietly leasing because it must get all the town lots leased which will include the planned bore hole(s). I think if someone owned a one foot wide swath of land one mile long, said person could prevent a horizontal oil well from being drilled across that tract. Ditto if a group of property owners on a street decided to negotiate collectively. Let's let some of the experts in this form confirm or deny this theory.

the issue is not who has the lease; i already know it's Delago. the issue is my inability, probably due to inexperience, in finding it on the RRC web site. i'm trying to determine wellhead location, lateral line extensions, etc.

John, possibly the permit has not been submitted to RR Commission yet. Be patient.....

Between January 01, 2018 through March 26, 2018 there have been 14 approved permits for Lavaca County and none approved for Delago.|1003=02|1004=285|1005=beginsWith|1008=beginsWith|1012=beginsWith|1015=beginsWith|1024=01%2F01%2F2018|1025=03%2F27%2F2018&rrcActionMan=H4sIAAAAAAAAAM1Sy07DMBD8mnK0dp2k5LKHCMGZR0UPVQ9uYqWW8tLaESD541kHkCDljLhYu7Pj8ezIEQFIRwQkvGKuqzq4cXisuTnAkRb8xZ7MNHmtZKx8MMGq8Kpmv8mqEoShaaPvbveVlFkqG3Zd54b23nLvgn-YLb99yKpmFFJOvQ3nsdmNN6brBCiIbZh52I1P1nB9FqgkuHBz8Mu04tarybDpn00328WkPAxpCdHWZZGKgk62dYPfu5D0RPBHj3rVr_g6J0DZZTk0YJmwgiBL7fUntnKIf5eX_8ppS5NpLX_L49fw8HhY85JZwqgJIWaEeZSNYyFfYSvI5fX_lv07hAq0YLgCAAA

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