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I understand that there is an extension of the Missippian Carbonate play, called of all things, Missippian Extension.

This extension runs at a 45 degrees from the Kansas/Oklahoma boarder to the Colorado boarder and it might include Sherman County.

I have a friend that has property down in Greely County, near Tribune.

Have you seen any activity for leases in these areas?

I live in Oklahoma so don't get any news. I do periodically check the KCC for permits. My minerals are in 6S 38W Sec. 27 & 34 and 6S 40W Sec. 7 & 10. Are your interests close to mine?

Haven't had any lease offers but will let you know if I do.


My mineral rights are in Carter County OK, down NE of Ardmore.

I have a friend that has property near Tribune KS and I was looking for information for her.

The first lease offers always low and if there is anything there, you will more offfers. Just don't sell you mineral rights.

Things are hoppin' down here. XTO is building an office here. They're drilling Woodford zone horizontal wells in Carter & Love counties and maybe others. Have you leased your Carter County minerals yet?

You probably already know there have not been many Intent to Drill filed this past year for Sherman County, and I mean for the whole county.