Sheridan montana

Looking at selling mineral acres in Sheridan county Montana In the state line Bakken What would be a starting point per acre


The "starting point" depends on the location and amount of acreage then within the location area, the number of Bakken Zones, the number Three Forks zones, development of the Madison, and seismic indications of the deeper zones, and the Bakken developers financial status in the area.

If you don't know those things, it will be hard to get anybody's attention who will pay a fair price for a long term investment. It is not a retail business for owners unless they just want to give away at fire sale prices.

The Bakken will get better but not for a while. The oil is there but unless the infrastructure is in place (near drilled and producing wells) but too expensive to produce compared to the other areas the big boys have moved to in West Texas and Oklahoma.