Shelby County, TX / Block A-147 / Blackstone BL 1H

On RRC GIS this well is showing as plugged and operated by SM Energy, but I received a revenue check last month from Aethon, who has a lease on the property, for production that occurred in April 2019. I have not received a revenue check this month, so I’m kind of perplexed.

Does anyone have any information about this particular well?


Aethon is operating the Blackstone BL 1H well (API 42-419-31802) which was completed in January 2019. Blackston BL shares a well location with Aethon’s Speights BL 2HB (API 42-419-31803) well which was also completed in January. See the permits and plats for the acreage. You may have Blackstone BL 1H well confused with SM Energy’s old Blackstone BP 1 well (API 42-419-31498) which ceased producing in 2012 and is located east of the two new Aethon wells. Blackstone BL well produced 42,216 mcf in April and 204,897 mcf in May.

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Thank you so much for the extremely quick and thorough reply TennisDaze! Much appreciated.