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Mr. Smith;

Did they tell you which plays they were interested in when they leased your property?



New Update from our landman:

We were informed about 2 weeks ago from my landman in Jackson (Kent) that Southwest Energy recently punched a well in Sharkey County and it came up dry. My landman stated that they have left the county. Has any other of the 3 Sharkey County Mineral Rights Members have any intelligence to share on this bit of data? Like what township and range Southwest Energy punched a hole?

Is there any other activity from other oil and gas exploration companies in the county?

Our 5 year lease (1600 acres) expires in February of 2016 and we are 5+ miles south of the Cary Oil Field which generated 32000 barrels of oil in the 40's. I guess we shall see in the next 18 months if oil exploration within Sharkey County is a sound economic bet.


Southwestern Energy recently drilled the Lee 26-13 well in Sharkey County Section 26 13N 6W. The well was spud on 5/26/14 and is still shown as drilling on the MSOGB site but it sounds like that will be updated to show a dry hole soon. All this information was gathered from the MSOGB site by searching for Southwest Energy. I don't know of any other activity



I wish I could help, but this board is my only source of information. I inherited some shale oil rights in this county that have been in the family since the early 1900's. Your news is unfortunate - hopefully some oil will be found in time for your investment to pay off! We have been waiting 3 generations for something to happen!


Below is a link to the Application. From what I can tell it is a Wildcat well in the Lower Smackover, some 12,000 feet. Google MSOGB to get to the MS Search engine.\2312520035\Form%202\API.%202312520035%20Form%202