Shadrach 19-09-05

We received a division order from Chisholm about this well stating that oil and gas sales started January 8. Chisholm says they filed a completion report in April. I don’t see it anywhere. Am I missing something?


The OCC can be four to five months behind in posting the completion order once they receive it.

WS: There is no Section 19-9N-5W, Kingfisher County. Please correct the legal for this well & we can look that information up for you.

Todd M. Baker

Shadrach 19-09-05 1MH is in 32-20N-09W. Surface location is in 32 and it drilled south into 5-19N-9W, hence the name. No completion report posted on the OCC, but that is not unusual. Thy are months behind.
You can see the production through April on the OK tax site. Use the well name (LeaseName) to find it.