Settlement CK- Strack vs CLR


Just received check from CLR from this settlement. Never thought I’d see the day!


Is this for the Strack well in Blaine County?


I’m not sure. I think this affected many wells. I do direct deposit and there was not any info regarding which wells were involved. It was more than I ever expected. Most of my ownership is in Stephens, Grady, and Garvin counties. I think the original lawsuit started in 2012. Google Strack vs CLR and you might find more info.


Anyone else find it strange that the settlement payment came from Continental Resources rather than a settlement administrator? A first for me…


Christine: As I recall the settlement, the operators are to calculate the amounts and pay them to the royalty owners. I wrote to CRL requesting the details of how the amount was determined. I had a no deductions clause without the sweetener.