Sequel Resources, LLC

Does anybody know anything about Sequel Resources, LLC? It appears to me that they have only been in existence about a month. I got an I initial lease offer from an agent I have done business with before but they are now representing a new company (Sequel).

We got the same. I don’t see anything currently in the works on the case processing website anywhere close to this. And because these lawyers just formed “Sequel” the same week the lease offer letter came out, I won’t be jumping at this one. We had a bad experience years ago with JH (if that’s who your letter is from) that involved having to cancel recorded leases, etc, so I’m extra cautious with them.

Thanks for the heads up. I agree with you. I did lease with JH in 2017 and didn’t have any problems at that time other than it took a year to reach an acceptable offer and terms.