Separate property vs community

When my great grandfather died he had 52 acres that were listed as separate property and he had community property of him and his surviving wife of 218 acres, in his last will and testament it says to my beloved wife, her heirs and assigns, i hereby five devise and bequeath all property of all kinds and natures. I hereby appoint my wife as sole executrix, i direct no bond be required of her, when he died did the separate property go to her to sell the property. I found on the separate propery that great grandfather inherited from his mom and dad, dated Dec 1897, (it says to have and to hold the premises, together with all and singular rights and appurtences there to in anywise belonging unto the said great grandfather his heirs and assigns forever and we do hereby bind our heirs, executors and administrators to WARRANT AND FOREVER DEFEND ALL said singualr the said premises unto the said great grandfather his heirs and assigns, against every person whosoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or amy part thereof) what does this mean in the words in parenthesise, as far as heirs of the great great grandfather to the great grandfather concering the heirs, is the wife considered an heir., does all the property separate and community go to the wife and she was able to sell the who 270 acres

I forgot to mention this is in texas

If he left a will and devised all the property to her and she probated it and it was not contested, she could do do with it what she wanted, including selling.