Sent statements to what I later learned could be a scam


Recently I have been getting emails from reputable and non reputable sources looking to lease or buy a small acreage of my unleased mineral rights.

At first it seemed that I had been in contact with a large company, but later saw that it was not that company (but one that used a similar name).

The problem is this, that I already sent 6 months of royalty statements to them. Is there anything I need to be worried about (eg are they able to do anything with that information?) Thanks to anyone who has any info.

This is a good example of the dangers of the internet and the need to absolutely verify who an individual or a company is. A pretty website does not mean that a company is not a sham entity. You should not send royalty statements without at least redacting your owner number and any other personal information. But how are you receiving royalties on unleased minerals? Are the minerals producing? You might want to watch to make sure that no address change is filed with the oil company.

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I’m certainly not an expert on this, but I doubt(?) there’s anything major to worry about. The most personal piece of info would likely be your owner number with the oil company–not particularly useful for someone trying to steal your identity unless they somehow know more of your personal info.

Check with the operators to see if any change of address information has been provided to them. Could be identity theft.

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