Selling minerals rights, getting a fair offer?


I’m in negotiations with the selling interest that my mom has in Martin County and would like to know what is a fair offer price for her mineral rights. Reed 1 A #1WA T2n BLK 34 Sec 1 A-396 T&P 227-38619 33 acres [NMA?] interest 0.005877 Chesser 12 #1,2 T1S BLK 36 SEC 12 A-659 T&P RRC/PETERS JJ 9 acres NMA 4.6 Inerest 0.007143 *the first one is in Howard County but is taxed by Martin County


Ken, you have some great acreage. It depends on what your lease royalty is. Most buyers are buying based off of a net royalty acres (NRA) and not net mineral acres (NMA). That formula is NRA = NMALease Royalty8. Below are examples of the NRA Calculation. If your mothers acreage is leased at 25% she could get up to $25K per mineral acre, or 12,500 per NRA, on the first property and maybe more. The second property trades for less but that is because there isn’t much activity. I am sending you a direct message so feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

11/48= 2 NRA 11/58= 1.6 NRA 118.75%8 = 1.5 NRA 11/8th8= 1 NRA