Selling Mineral with Current Lease in Sections 19-22 Blk C-9 and Sec 13 Blk 72

Looking to sell Sections 19-22 Blk C-9 and Sec 13 Blk 72. Message me if interested

Hi Liz -

I'm sure one of the Moderators can explain this more clearly, but there is a link on The Forum's Homepage to a webpage where you are supposed to post properties for sale.

This, the Main Discussion Page is apparently only for conversations and answering questions.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


Liz -

Are you sure you want to sell your interests? There are 9 Wells being drilled in Sections 20 & 18 even as I write!

At least some of the Sections in Block C-9 appear to be Mineral Classified (the State owns the Minerals). You can't sell your interest in the minerals unless you sell your ownership in the surface, but you can sell / assign your royalties in those lands.

I haven't located Section 13, Blk 72 yet.

If you will accept my invitation to become A Friend on The Forum and send me your legal descriptions and copy(ies) of your lease(s), I can send them to a friend of mine that buys minerals.

Hope this helps -


HI Charles,

Can you provide details on 20 and who is drilling? I will accept your request. And my email and contact is 512-669-2334.

Tract 1.) Section 19, Block C-9, PSL Survey, A-5113 Tract 2.) Section 20, Block C-9, PSL Survey, A-5114 Tract 3.) Section 21, Block C-9, PSL Survey, A-5115 Tract 4.) Section 22, Block C-9, PSL Survey, A-5117 Tract 5.) Section 13, Block 72, PSL Survey, A-5176

Opps! My Bad. I looked up C-19, not C9. That's where the 9 rigs are drilling.

Block C19 is along the Northern Boundary Line of the County. Your Block C9 is more in the central part of the County.

The good part is, none of your lands appear to be Mineral Classified. There have only been a few wells drilled in your area so far, but I will look them up for you.

Appreciate your patience.