Selling mineral rights

Received an offer from Tower Rock Oil and Gas - anyone have any experience with them? Good company? Fair pricing?
Also can anyone recommend a way to verify if they’re offer is a good one?

Unsolicited purchase offers often leave a lot of money on the table. What is the location of your property? I'd be happy to post what activity is going on in your area. You may also want to consider reaching out to one of the forum sponsors to find out what prices they're seeing in in your area.

I should probably reach out to someone to get more information as I’m honestly not even sure where our property is located. I have the well names but not much else. The wells mentioned in the offer are all part of “Xbc Giddings Estate”, with various other numbers and/or letters following. I don’t know where to get additional info to help you find out more.

That is an area that is operated by Pioneer. One of the best operators, if not the best, in the Permian Basin... Are you currently receiving royalty payments? If not, I would say the odds are high that there is money waiting in suspense for you. I would definitely proceed with caution before you sign anything. You are likely going to be inundated with friend requests from mineral buyers too...

We do get monthly checks but no idea if we’re getting what we should. We’re not in a rush to do anything, just hoping to get info so we have a better idea of what we have.