Selling Mineral Rights

How to determine who is a reliable entity to sell mineral rights? What do we need to look for in listing with someone?

Hi, Sylvia -

I noticed on your Home Page that you have mineral interests in Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. That's a pretty widely spread out area! How'd you come by all those properties, marry a Geologist?

I know of a company that might be interested in what you have in Texas and Louisiana. In you will invite me to become A Friend here on The Forum you can send me your descriptions privately.

I have heard of a few companies that will list your mineral rights for a price, but have never used one. I do not believe they actively market your properties, just list them.

Other might disagree with me, but people have told me that the properties those sites list are typically properties that no one wanted to put a bid in on otherwise. You might only receive really low offers through them.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Mineral and Royalty Companies, however, that you can send a list of your properties to that will review your holdings and maybe make you an offer. Just Google "Mineral and Royalty Companies" or something like that. Many of their websites have links where you can submit your properties for review.

You can also post your listing on the Minerals for Sale page or whatever it is called here on The Forum.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas