Selling mineral rights that have been leased in kiowa county colorado

i own 77 mineral acres in kiowa county colorado (lots 3,4, e/2 sw 4, a/d/a sw4 18 -17s-44w and se4 18 - 17s - 44w) that are leased by mull drilling. i have just been contacted by someone wanting to buy these rights. i have contacted mull drilling to see if they are planning to drill in my area but have not heard back from them. does anyone know if there are plans to drill in my area or what a fair price for selling would be?

However, an inexperienced landowner will be at a disadvantage when simply soliciting offers. When landmen are beating on your door that is the best environment. If a landowner places an ad saying "I have minerals to sell or lease" they are at a disadvantage. That is just how sales of anything works; I would likely pay less if I bought your car in response to an ad in the paper vs just stopping you on the street.

Regardless, don't feel pressured or rushed to make a decision. I would suggest contacting neighbors and talking to them about what they are seeing and band together and form a landowner group to negotiate for the best deal possible.

selling minerals vs leasing mineral is something you would have to think long and hard about; selling is forever and leasing opportunities for the future. Many people suggest not selling minerals, but it is a personal choice. How much they are worth - is tough to say and depends on many factors - like the one you are asking "any drilling going on or planned".

I have heard most people advise to sell only if they are in need of money immediately. I have also read where people have suggested selling only a part of the minerals (keeping some).

Anyway, good luck and research your area OG exploration activity and plans as best as you can.


thanks, everyone. just trying to get a ball park idea of what my minerals might be worth - my siblings sold mineral rights in weld county last year for over $2,000 an acre. 6 months later, i was offered only half that. value seems not very stable.