Selling mineral rights in Kingfisher County, OK


Are there any new purchases of minerals in 16, 18N, 9W? We have been offered $3500 per mineral acre. Is this close to the going rate in this legal?


You asked for the going rate to purchase? The amount you posted seems like it may be to lease.


low end of prices in 2018


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Thank you for the information! I really appreciate it!


Do you have any info on purchases in Section 2, 18N, 8W in Kingfisher County? We are getting calls to sell also. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I received an email responding to my inquiry from TL Shields with a chart showing purchases in 2018 and the $3500 per acre we were offered is the low end price. It went all the way to $10,000 +. I guess it depends on where in the county you are located. Hope this helps!!