Selling mineral classified land in Pecos county, Texas

I have noticed that when someone needs advice, this is the place to come. I have 640 acres of unleashed mineral classified land 10 miles north-east of Fort Stockton, Texas in Pecos county, and I would like to sell the north 320 acres(Block 5, section 20, T C RR Survet, abstract 7098). It is five miles north of the Cunning Wolf field. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mr. Parker- Your posting will probably generate some interest. Don't take any bank drafts, treat it like a real estate transaction (exchange the deed for a cashier's check), and check the wording of the deed carefully. On mineral classified, the surface cannot be severed from the minerals, so you have to sell both. Even better is to do an earnest money contract, so you can disclaim any warranties on the condition of the surface or any buildings on it. Legal advice is best.

Hayes, since you'll be selling the surface too (minerals cannot be severed from the surface with mineral classified land), I'd give Elliott and Waldron Title & Abstract in Fort Stockton a call and inquire with them about handling the closing. Their number is 432-336-5214. A basic deed is all that is required, and E&W should already have a form prepared that you can use if you don't already have one of your own. They can probably also steer you in the direction of folks they know that buy surface in that area.

Mr. Caldwell, Thank you for the information. Over the yearsI have kept up with the knowledge that you have shared with many people. There was one thing that I was wanting to ask you- the San Pedro Ranch surrounds this property on three sides. This twenty thousand acre property has been leased to Exxon for years ,but it is no longer. A one -fifth interest in the minerals has been for sale, $1200 per acre, for a short time, and a contract has been placed on the land. I don’t know the name of the interested party. Any thoughts on pursuing this lead ? What about my placing an ad.? Again, thank you for your thoughts and time. Regards, Hayes Parker

Thanks Wolfcamp Shale, I have enjoyed your site many times. An additional question to you, I don’t have an advertising budget, how would you get the attention of an investor interested in the minerals and the caliche, water, etc. of the land.? There is no near by land for sale and the only minerals for sale are on the San Pedro Ranch which surrounds this property on three sides. Sorry, those are under contract now. I thank you in advance for your time and expertise. Regards, Hayes Parker

Mr. Parker, On the bottom of the Home page, you can list your minerals for sale, and are likely to get some activity. A lot of landman follow this site.