Selling all in Oklahoma

Hi I am looking to sell my property and minerals but I inherited this property and never received my deeds and titles. EOG had someone contact me and boy has it been a ride with them. It’s a good thing that I went through this before with the property I inherited from my father which also has oil and gas on it or they would of played me for a fool. But my question is how do I get the proper document to sell all.

You said you “inherited”. If a probate was properly filed in the county and describes the minerals, then you may not need an additional deed as the probate is the substitute. If no probate, then you will need to contact an attorney and get the probate done if there is a will and if no will, then the laws of intestate from OK will be in force. In the meantime, you might want to find out if there are any royalties being held under your father’s name or any other heirs at the OK treasurer’s office. Also find out if there is any upcoming drilling.

In Oklahoma an inheritance can take many forms but all require some paperwork. If this was a probate, then the order from an Oklahoma Court with a description of the minerals must be filed in the county where they are located. A probate order from another state is not sufficient to convey title. If the inheritance was through a trust or transfer on death deed, then different paperwork is needed.

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