Sell part or All Net acres?

What would the benefit be to me to sell just part of the mineral net acres in Laramie County? Is leasing better than selling for me? Thanks.


By selling a portion of your minerals it would allow you to take advantage of the current market price and allow you to hedge your beats on a potential future well on your property. Without knowing specifics on your property, it’s a little harder to determine the benefits though. If you can lease i certainly would shoot for leasing first and get a higher royalty interest which will only help you get more money when trying to sell if after the fact.

Thanks a lot for responding.

it depends on several factors -

how many acres are we talking, the more you own the better your options are. depends on the price being offered to each depends on the location and possible production and how long your willing to wait to make $$$$$

Cole, thanks for responding. We’ve been offered $2000 a net acre to sell. Seems like a pretty good price. I don’t think we want to wait for drilling to make $$$.

Do you have a full description of your mineral interests