Sell of Mineral Rights

I want to sell some mineral rights, some are producing, some are leased but not yet drilling and some are unleased. I need some recommendations as to companies that are known to be fair.

All the properties are in The Eagle Ford Shale and I have just a small % in all. Thanks


I have never had any dealings with the Eagle Ford Shale area but I have recieved offers to sell my minerals from Dale Resources,LLC located in Dallas, Texas. Their phone # is (214) 979-9010. I have recieved several letters from them stating they purchase oil and gas leases both producing and non-producing. I have no idea about their business reputation but someone else might be able to advise you in regards to this company. Also, you might try posting on "Mineral Hub". This site reflects minerals for both buy and sell. I believe their website is Hope this info helps.

I know individuals that purchase them, they will give a better deal than a company like Dale.