Seismic survey in Lavaca County

I have been approached by Seitel Data to approve a seismic survey in my property (11 acres). Presently, I have not signed an oil/gas lease. I own 100% of surface rights and 50% mineral rights. I am in good terms with the other minearl owner. In talking to the agent, he advised that they did not need the other minearl rights owner approval since they are only conducting a surface operation not evaluating minerals. Is this correct? I am not very familiar with seismic surveys, oil/gas leases, etc. However, I would like to know what I should be looking for in terms of contracts, hold harmless clauses, etc. Thank you very much for your help.

The letter I received from Seitel Data was very vague and light on details, so I sent the letter to an attorney for an opinion. The attorney responded with a more detailed counter-offering to present to Seitel, with a lot more protection for the land owner. I ended up letting the attorney handle the whole deal. After a little give and take, Seitel agreed to the attorney's proposal.

The Seitel agent is correct, according to my attorney, that only the land surface owner need be involved the the seismic survey process. Also, all payment for the survey goes to the surface owner.

If you do decide to use an attorney, I recommend you use one that specializes in oil and gas leases. It can get complicated.

I own 67 acres. The attorney's fee was about the same as Seitel agreed to pay for access to my property, but I think I will end up with a better contract to protect my property interests.

Mr. Dupler;

Can you share the name & location of the attorney?