Seismic Permits

I received a request from a seismic company to conduct a 3D survey across my land in Howard County. This is probably part of a large shoot by the company. They offered $20 per acre as payment for any and all damages to my land. My experience is that this is a typical offer but I am checking to see if anyone else has received requests and at what price. My land is leased to an oil company and they probably have the right to give permission under the lease as well (subject to damages set forth in the lease).



That $20./ac sounds about right. You might want to put a time limit on it though. And be sure you get paid in advance.

What part of the county are you in? I'm a little surprised to hear of a 3D survey being shot in this commodity price market.


Dave, could you identify the Seismic co. Whom have you leased to? My property is very near yours, and I am leamy sed to Sabalo. Just want to be sure contact info is up to date as well.

The seismic company is Dawson Geophysical, Midland, Tx. Do you own the surface? If so, you will probably be contacted as they implied that it was a large shoot. If you don't own the surface you won't get a letter. Your lessee probably has the right in the lease to conduct (or contract to a third party) a seismic operation. Dawson is seeking surface owner approval for damages. They don't intend to start the operation until after crops are harvested in the fall.