Seismic exploration permit with lease option

I have a property in Brazoria, County Texas, and a property in Fort Bend County Texas. recently, in December 2011, a land man approached me requesting a seismic permit with an included option for an oil and gas lease. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether a landowner should give an option for an oil and gas lease in these circumstances?

Does anyone know about this activity?

(There is no discussion forum for Fort Bend County, Texas. Is there enough interest to start one now, in light of the fact that a seismic permit campaign is going on now in Fort Bend County.)

I think Buddy Cotten has a blog on the misuse of the geophysical permit, it might answer some of your questions. Look under blogs at the top of this page.

If the terms of the option to lease are acceptable, I have signed the permit, rather than risk being left out and getting nothing. If there are lots of mineral owners on the same tract, the seismic company only has to get a majority of the owners to sign up & they can do the shoot, leaving out those who refused to sign. So, the land is shot and the un-signed owners don't get the seismic bonus; however, if the company decides to take the option and drill, the company must negotiate with the un-signed owners for a lease, probably at better terms. This happened on our ranch on the San Bernard River that I own with cousins. I signed & took the seismic bonus; the oil company never drilled. Some of my cousins refused to sign and they got nothing.

Just start one and people will sign up. That's what I did for Brazoria County. Thanks for joining.

I'm new to the Brazoria County Forum... but not new to the Mineral Rights Forum. Question: My family has 99 mineral acres in the Iowa Colony... unleased. Was wondering if there had been any recent activity in the area. Would like to be ahead of the curve if we ever get any interest. We had it leased years ago but nothing was ever drilled so as far as i know we got the minerals back. I don't have land description details but other members of my family do. Thanks.

I have 100 Ac. in the Sandy Point area, West of highway 228, near the Darrington Prison and Co. Rd 54. I have not had any interest or inquiries about this tract since 2012. There were to be several large seismic investigations then, in this area and near by in Ft.bend County. But, I have not heard if they did it.

H Lawson... thanks for the update. i have not heard of any activity in several years.