Seeking Morgan Mineral Owners

I've got minerals in the extreme SW corner of Morgan;

actually Adams co.


My family has been contacted by a Landman regarding property @ T1N-R59W in Morgan County.

The current bid for general reference is

Bonus - $150

Term - 5 years

Royalty - 14%

I found a good research site at:

The site has a wealth of information. I pulled 2 images off the webpage at

I am interest in current rates and active companies in Morgan County.



2990-NiobraraMaturityKn_vitrinite_reflectance.png (7.93 KB) 2991-niobrara_bananaMorganCounty.png (817 Bytes)

Thanks for info, Tom. I'll check it out.

I'm in Tx panhandle.

We have 360 acres in Morgan, T6N, R60W, Section 3, been offered $200 bonus, 1/6% royalty, 4yr term, 150% 4 yr extension. Wanting higher bonus, 1/5%, 3 yr term, no extension…