Seeking leasing info for 11-16N-13W in Blaine

I am receiving requests to lease at 1/5 royalty ranging from $1800 to $5,000 per mineral acre. I personally think $5000 is not an honest offer. What’s a fair price?

Continental is planning three horizontal wells in that section. Continental has a pooling scheduled for May 2019. section 12 just pooled in March 2019 for $4700 3/16ths, $4500 1/5 or $0 and 1/4, so the $5000 offer is in the ballpark. Sure wouldn’t take the $1800 at 1/5th.

Hi Charles: Continental has already spud the well for your unit so your Oil & Gas Lease will be extended beyond its primary term. Do you know Reginald Gibson?

Hope its a good one.

Todd M. Baker

Thanks Todd, Reggie is my brother. Do you know him?

Don’t know him. Just saw his name on Continental’s respondents list. Doesn’t look like he is leased.

Todd M. Baker

Agreed,just what I thought too