Seeking knowledge of any activity on farms in Hughes Co


New to forum

It appears that this forum is a wealth of knowledge. I have been reading and researching but I have not been able to determine if there is any activity on my inherited mineral rights. We had hired a lawyer in 2007 to research and file our mineral rights and presumed it was done. Now I realize he did very little. I think I know the description of most of the property but I have found conflicting information so I have a week trip planned at the County clerks office.

One of my many questions is how would I know whats happening on the property?

I know things are happening that I am unaware of.

I have looked here but I know it is not up to date.

What do I need to know B4 I make my trip?


Start with research on the Corporation Commission Website (it looks like you were there already), the link below should help get a snapshot of the wells as long as you have the legal descriptions.

There are also very nice people up there who will help you out if you call they can walk you through most anything.

When you get to the Courthouse, ask the clerks for help. Sometimes they will other times they will not. Do as much research online before you go to the courthouse so you have a narrow idea of what exactly to look for.

Ray, that is a really broad question. If you want to friend me, I can get you started. I have a few things that will help.

Email me at if you have specific questions or send me a message on here if you need anything before you head down to Hughes County.

Could some clarify this legal description for me, NE/4 SW/4 and lot 3. What is lot 3?