Seeking interviews with mineral and/or surface owners

I am working on my PhD in geography at the University of Kentucky and as part of my research, am studying changes in land ownership and issues with split estates as they relate to shale gas development in Tyler county. I am especially interested in talking to any of the following: people dealing with lease and royalty issues; anyone who has had issues with landmen, brokerage firms, or conflicts/questions about who has the rights to minerals; people who have sold surface rights to energy companies; and anyone who has been involved in nuisance or other lawsuits. My study also includes Doddridge and Wetzel counties.

I will be making and distributing a version of my study outcomes that can be used as a "guide" to oil and gas development issues and that summarizes my findings about how ownership is changing, the legal mechanisms involved, and some of the economic factors. I hope this can become a useful resource for folks in the future.

Please contact me if you'd like to participate by having an informal conversation/interview, which can be kept anonymous at your request. Thanks.

Lindsay Shade