Seeking information on S30/04N/03E Garvin County

I have very small minerals in this area. Originally drilled vertical, dry hole, then plugged.

My Question: Does anyone have any information as to any plans for HORIZONTAL DRILLING?

Thank you kindly, Leta C.

Leta, I do not see any horizontal plans at this time.

M Barnes, WOW!-----you are so observant of all iterations related to minerals. Thank you for this and thank you much for the OCC web link related to the HUGHES ACTIVITY on the four new wells in S21 & S28 Hughes County OK. I am 'watching–looking–for any and all new info related to my minerals in S21/07N/10E.

There was some exciting news recently from our Pres. Trump that GERMANY wants to purchase our Natural Gas. Yee Ha! and Hughes County has Gas. That means the demand will go up, and maybe other countries will follow. That would “sweeten the pot”—so to speak on my Royalties. M Barnes, don’t run away. Your expertise has helped so many of us on the Forum…Regards, Leta C, from MONTANA

Leta, I second that thought about M Barnes! She is knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to share with anyone. I appreciate M Barnes also!!!

I agree totally! She has helped me on several questions. I sincerely thank her for all the she has given everyone.