Seeking information on my families Oil Lease in Grady County

We have been trying to get information on our lease for quite some time. We have contacted Turner Oil & Gas Properties and Red Rocks several times with no response. How do we get information on our property and rights?

We would need the Section, Township and Range in order to begin helping. Have you already leased? Are you trying to lease? Are you just trying to figure out what activity there is?


Thank you so much for getting back to me, I really appreciate it.

This lease/property/mineral rights has been in my family for close to a hundred years, and it has been managed by many different land companies over the years, and many different drilling companies have been out there. We have just never been able to get any information about the production, what is going on with the drilling activities, etc. It seems that all they ever want is for us to sign a contract every few years, they send us a small check and then POOF they go silent! We never hear anything back. It is really frustrating, and this has been going on since the late 1950’s.

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SECTION THIRTEEN (13), TOWNSHIP FIVE (5) NORTH, RANGE FIVE (5) WEST, GRADY COUNTY, OKLAHOMA; in the Woodford common source of supply underlying the horizontal drilling and spacing unit comprised of all of Section 13-T5N-R5W, Grady County, Oklahoma

Warm regards,

Melissa Matheson Williams