Seeking help

I inherited some mineral rights to some land in Logan County, OK which was set up many years ago and passed down to my mother. When she passed away last year I inherited them. I am looking for help in who I should turn to for more information about what I am dealing with. I receive a small check every few months from the leasing company and they weren't able to answer any of my questions. I am now getting calls from people wanting to lease what I have. Should I find a lawyer, if so, what type of lawyer? I want to maximize what I have so I can leave something to my children one day.

Can you tell me the section,township and range . ? - ?n- ? e or w ? Is it in your name ?

Don't rush into this. You have some time to collect information. Lots of folks on the forum can help you out. They are drilling for the Mississippi Lime and the Woodford. There is quite a bit of potential depending upon which area you are in.

Look on your checks and see what the wells name are and what the section, township and range are. If you tell us that, we can get you started. Look at the top of this page and read the Mineral Helps pages. Also go to the Garvin page and there are some good Tips in the Upper part of the discussion page. If they are calling to lease, then you have producing properties and non-producing properties. Don't take the first offers on anything. You need to get informed first.

My mom passed away last year as well, so I am going through the same thing. Did you get a listing of the properties from the executor or are you in the middle of that? You many eventually need a lawyer, but we can probably help you a bit first so you don't have to pay as much and can walk in with very specific questions.

paulee, we leased ours for logan co. ok for $650.00 per acre. we are 26 17n 4w. you can find some info. on punch logan co. next page type your name, this will give you your legal descrition for your minerals. we used a long time friend jeff hirzel in Guthrie, ok. for attorney, he specializes in oil and gas. I also friended you on facebook. good luck.

The leases are in my name, yes. I went through all the legal stuff last year. I know the sections and I also know who the operator of the well is. I am trying to find someone to go through my papers and look over the paperwork at the leasing company. Would a lawyer be the best person to go to?


A lawyer may or may not be the end solution. But depending on the exact questions and situation, it is possible that someone else might be able to help you. Or at least the can answer most questions, make a few recommendations, and point you to an attorney to take care of the rest. It might be more economical to pay someone $30-60 per hour to help you get a grasp of the situation and save you a few hours with an attorney at $200-$350 an hour.

Your situation is still a bit vague.

I looked at your deed and I have a question for you. I sent you a friend request.