SEEKING EF LEASE - 200 Acres Available - 2 miles South of Jourdanton off Hwy 16

Owner seeking EF Lease on 200 acres...approx 2 miles South of Jourdanton. Property is divided by Hwy 16 with frontage on both sides and bound to the North by CR 324 and to the South by CR 326.

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Jody Weiss

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Contact your neighbors and see who they leased to. Your best bet is going to be with an oil company that your neighbor already has a lease with. Generally you need at least 320 acres and often 640 acres to drill a horizontal well. Good luck

Great suggestion! Definitely worth a conversation...lot of good neighbors out there willing to share info.

Dont get me started with EF oh man, well, you know it doesnt matter who you get they all suck, but this is the first boom that was kind of worth it except what they did to the San Miguel. I can't put a price on that kind of disrespect. Dont let this happen to your San Miguel...for a damn pipeline.

Now you are probably meaning Eagle Ford for EF but I thought you were meaning EF as in EF Energy. My bad