Sections 6, 7, and 8

Does anyone have information on any activity in these sections?

You have to give a complete section, township and range.

S/2, Section 1, T-19-s, R-34-e

Below are in T-19-s R-35-E

Ne/4 of Sw/4, of Section 6

N/2 of SEASON/4 section 6

SE/4 of SEASON/4 , Section 6

E/2 of NE/4 of Section 7

N/2 of SE /4, Section 7

NE/4 of SW/4, Section 7

W/2 of Nw/4 of Section 8

NW/4of SW/4 ofSection 8

Here is what has been going on near there in the past year. Nearby drilling by Mewbourne, Matador, Cimarex. There are older wells that are not shown on the map.

Thank you! This is very helpful!