Sections 4&9 of 8 north 7 west

I would appreciate any info on activity in these areas.

Please repost in your state and county group to increase your chances of a response.

Moved to Grady County, OK for you. You should have received OCC mailings for a new horizontal well in 4. You can look them up on the OCC website. OAP

201704677, 201704676, 201704765, 201704766, 201802146.

Cases for Section 9 201704676, 201704678, 201704765, 201704766, 201807463

Both are a mix of TPR Midcon or Continental both trying to get the orders. Watch the pooling orders if you are not leased. They have a 20 day timeline on them.

You can watch the wells at the OCC as well on the well records site. Test They have already drilled the Salt Water Disposal well in 4. Use leading zero in legal location 0408N07W

Thank you Martha. You are a real blessing to us.